Ekklesia Ministries Our History

– A Christ Centered, Spirit Filled, New Creation Church

Ekklesia Ministries was planted by
Apostle Kobee S. Fitzgerald and Pastor Katenia D. Fitzgerald.
Apostle Fitzgerald felt a burden from the Lord to leave the traditions of men and bring the church back to scriptural principles. After five years of ministry as a pastor, teacher, and sought after evangelist, he knew there was more. Obeying the voice of God amongst rejection and misunderstanding, Ekklesia Missionary Baptist Church began on Sunday, January 2, 2000. Worship services were held at the Ramada Inn Hotel Ballroom in Sheffield, Alabama for one month before leasing an abandoned club in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in February 2000. This move provided more than enough space to accommodate the explosive growth. Within the first two months the membership grew to over 100 active members. With this immediate growth came new obstacles of limited classroom and education space. While the newly renovated club housed a 400 seat sanctuary, it did not have enough space to accommodate the vision of education on every level. Ekklesia was also without a baptistery and new souls were continuously being added to our family.

After one year of ministry, plans were made to purchase our current worship facility and adjacent property. In April of 2002,
Apostle Fitzgerald once again heard from God to remove Missionary Baptist from our name and identify as Ekklesia Ministries – A Christ Centered, Spirit Filled, New Creation Church. This identity was based on 2 Corinthians 5:17 “And if any man be in Christ he is a new creation.” Ekklesia is a cutting edge fellowship of believers without the walls of denomination and the traditions of men, Ekklesia is in covenant with the Whole Truth Ministry under Apostle Maurice K. (Brenda) Wright of United Christian Church in located in Birmingham, Gadsden, and Huntsville, Alabama. Apostle Wright has confirmed and given direction sending forth the man of God to fulfill his purpose in the earth. On November 10, 2002, Apostle Elect Kobee S. Fitzgerald was consecrated to the office of Apostle.  Ekklesia continues to stand paramount within the city of Sheffield, Alabama touching the lives of its residents and people around the world. Currently, plans are being made to occupy new property within the city of Sheffield which will triple the current ministry space in square footage and acreage.




A Christ Centered...Spirit Filled... New Creation Church.