About Us

Our Vision, our Core Values, and our Mission

This is our vision

We exist to make the Kingdom of God visible on the earth, Maintaining a Christ-Centered, Spirit Filled, New Creation Church, Making disciples through balanced biblical preaching and teaching, Working with a spirit of excellence through effective team ministry, Building people of purpose, of power, and of praise which posses wholeness for living and eternal life.

We are not an ordinary church with an ordinary vision, called to do the ordinary.
We are an apostolic ministry, fulfilling an apostolic mandate.

What we believe

1. God Is Honored With Excellence.
We may not achieve perfection, however, God deserves our best.

2. People Matter To God.
God loves all people and wants relationship with them through Jesus Christ.

3. We Are One.
We will not tolerate politics and power plays. We will seek Gods\’ word to handle indifferences and move forward together.

4. We Will Not Compromise Kingdom Living.
All leaders and members are held accountable to live as Christ\’s Ambassadors in the earth.

5. Everyone Is Important.
All believers are part of the body of Christ and are stewards of at least one gift.
Therefore, each part is need for edification of the whole.

Mission Statement

Evangelism: To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that turns non-Christians into converts,
Edification: converts and de churched into disciples,
Equipping: disciples into mature fruitful leaders,
Extension: who will in turn go into our city and the world and reach others for Christ.