Ministers monthly meeting

Ministers monthly meeting

Church Fellowship Hall

time 8:00 am

Every 6th from

February 6, 2016

Young man preaching the gospel.

A church is made up of believers who are a part of the body of Christ. (Rom. 12:4-5, 1 Cor. 12:12, 27)

First we must understand that a church is an organization instituted by God as Acts 2 records on the Day of Pentecost. Any organization must have leadership and in a local church that calling and position God has given to the pastor. The New Testament Greek word that is translated “church” in our English Bibles is the word “ekklesia” and refers a local assembly or congregation of people meeting together in a particular geographical location, for a specific purpose. It cannot by definition refer to a universal church or catholic organization. To proper use the word “ekklesia” it must be applied to a group of people meeting together.